2rd IFFA 2012

Welcome to the 2nd IFFA 2012, Khosh Amadid!

For the last twenty years one of the most exciting national cinemas has been that of Iran. With its recent Oscar for A Separation, (our 2011 opening night film) and many other majors awards around the globe, it has re-inforced its position as a national cinema of major significance, despite its position as a major site of conflict within Iranian politics and the often difficult circumstances under which Iranian filmmakers operate. 

This second edition of Iranian Film Festival Australia, now nation-wide, showcases the best of 2011 and 2012 in all its diversity. An exciting mix of dramas and comedies, it features the best and most interesting of contemporary Iran’s established and new directors, and many of its major actors. 

We are happy to have added shorts to the mix with a special session showcasing film as art. And the Being Persian extended session of documentaries is not to be missed.  

Thank-you to all our dear friends and audience members who supported us in 2011. We had a great festival with much more success than we ever dreamt of! We look forward to seeing you all in October 2012.

Anne Démy-Geroe, Armin Miladi

2012 Films

2012 Media Wall