101.5fm Radio Adelaide Digital- Director's Week (Sophie Hyde, Warwick Thornton, Ivan Sen, Anne Demy-Geroe)

Still from 52 Tuesdays

Still from 52 Tuesdays

Tuesdays will never be the same for Sophie Hyde. For a year, only on Tuesdays, she directed her first feature 52 Tuesdays. Written by Ashlee and Matthew Cormack, the film follows teenage girl Billie and her relationship with her mother who is beginning gender transition. We’ve spoken to Sophie before and after the year long shoot on Behind the Screens and now we finally get to talk about the finished product. And not only is the film premiering at the Adelaide Film Festival, but the app will too. My 52 Tuesdays is a way for the audience to think about themselves and share your thoughts – but how much will you want to share? During the festival, the “app” can be experienced physically with specially designed photo booths on Leigh Street and the Palace Nova. Jordan and Rebecca caught up with Sophie before she had to dash off to a present at a Festival of Ideas event (SA – the festival state!) about the unique filming process and about making a film tie in app that isn’t a marketing ploy but an extension of the narrative.

Director of the acclaimed Australian film Samson and Delihah, Warwick Thornton, premiered his new feature The Darkside at the Adelaide Film Festival on Wednesday. The Dark Side tells twelve ghost stories from across Australia which have been personally chosen by Thornton from hundreds which were submitted for the project. Radio Adelaide’s Catherine Zengerer caught up with Warwick to find out what inspired him to tell stories from the dark side.

You can submit your own ghost story or listen to any of the other stories Warwick collected attheothersideproject.com

Ivan Sen’s new film Mystery Road is a murder mystery thriller in the western tradition. Set in the outback, Aaron Pederson plays an indigenous detective investigating a young girl’s murder while going up against the local indigenous community and the local cops. Jordan spoke to the very humble Ivan about his writing process and working within a well known genre.

And now for a director of a different kind. Anne Demy-Geroe, the director of the Iranian Film Festival spoke to us about some of the films playing at the festival but also the state of Iranian at its cultural home and across the world.

Produced by Rebecca Elliott, Dianne Jane, Jordan Archer and Catherine Zengerer.