Screen Queensland - Screen Culture Funding Program funds the 5th IFFA

Iranian Film Festival Australia is proudly supported by Screen Queensland and the Queensland Government through the Screen Culture Funding Program for 2015-16. 

Screen Queensland is committed to building a screen culture for the Queensland audience and to extend the reach of film activities throughout the state from regional, rural and remote areas.  Screen Queensland’s Screen Culture funding enables film and other screen-based content to be created and celebrated across the state and supports events and activities such as film festivals screenings, workshops, seminars and visits by Australian and international filmmakers.

Originating in Queensland, the Iranian Film Festival Australia (IFFA) is the only nation-wide Australian festival dedicated to Iranian cinema. Through the presentation of contemporary Iranian cinema, IFFA uses the film medium to entertain and educate audiences and introduces Iranian culture to other Australians, fostering greater cultural awareness. The festival is committed to encouraging audiences comprising both Iranians and non-Iranians, and providing a platform for dialogue about Iranian culture through film screenings, educational workshops, audience engagement opportunities and other cultural activities.

Many Iranians consider IFFA the key Iranian cultural event in Australia.