NETPAC Jury Announcement for the 6th IFFA

This year's prestigious NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema) Award is now under deliberation and includes the five films by first and second time directors at IFFA this year. The films will be judged by Maxine Williamson (Chair), Film Director at Asia Pacific Screen Awards / Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival and world-renowned Iranian-Australian artist/filmmaker, Granaz Moussavi (My Tehran For Sale), and Andrew Pike, a film historian, documentary filmmaker, and Director of Ronin Films.

NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) is a worldwide organization founded in 1990 by Aruna Vasudev as the result of a conference organized in New Delhi by Cinemaya, The Asian Film Quarterly, at the request of UNESCO, to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Asian films and filmmakers at a time when Asian cinema was just coming into its own but was relatively unknown regionally and internationally. Cinemaya, launched independently by Aruna Vasudev in 1988, had already paved the way. When, as a result of the New Delhi conference, NETPAC was born established as a regional and international network, Cinemaya became its official journal. This is a new line.

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Maxine Williamson

Chair of the 2016,  6th IFFA NETPAC Jury. Film Director for Asia Pacific Screen Awards / Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival (APSA/BAPPF)

Since the inception of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in 2007, Maxine has been instrumental in establishing the APSA brand, building the awards competition, and industry and filmmaker networks. Maxine’s 11 years in the exhibition and distribution of independent, art house and foreign language cinema equipped her well to establish and maintain the integrity and governance of the APSA Awards Competition and Academy Film Funds. A NETPAC and APN (Asia-Pacific Producers’ Network) member, she has also been a creative producer on the APSA documentary series Scene by Scene, promoting the films and filmmakers of the Asia Pacific, broadcast on CNN International from 2007 – 2009 and on ABC network in 2010 – 2011.


Granaz Moussavi

Iranian-Australian Filmmaker

Granaz Moussavi was born in Tehran. She received a degree in screen studies from Flinders University in Adelaide and a postgraduate degree in film editing at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, and is a doctoral candidate in film studies and filmmaking at the University of Western Sydney.  Granaz Moussavi comes from a Tehran family with deep roots in the Iranian film world and she continued to pursue her own passion for cinema after moving to Australia in 1997. Filmed entirely on the streets of Tehran with Australian financing, MY TEHRAN FOR SALE is an attempt to reclaim a city and an artistic tradition that has been systematically smothered by Iran’s theocracy—a love letter to a capital, shot through with mourning, melancholy and loss.

She is the author of four collections of poetry and has directed and edited several short films and documentaries. MY TEHRAN FOR SALE is her first feature film.

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Andrew Pike

Director of Ronin Films

Andrew Pike is a film distributor, film historian and documentary film-maker.  With Ross Cooper, he co-authored Australian Film 1900-1977. His company, Ronin Films, was formed in 1974 and, from its base in Canberra, has been responsible for the national release of many Australian feature films, most notably STRICTLY BALLROOM and SHINE, and today specialises in the distribution of Australian social documentaries in the education market.  Today Andrew Pike is the sole director.  The company and its director have been recognized with many industry awards including the Byron Kennedy Award from the Australian Film Institute and a special award from the Australian Film Critics’ Circle. The company has also managed cinemas in several cities, most notably the Electric Shadows Twin Cinemas in Canberra from 1979 to 2006.   Today the company represents the work of some of Australia’s leading documentary filmmakers and has given Australian cinema releases to many award-winning films.

In 2007, Andrew Pike received an Order of Australia Medal and an honorary doctorate from the University of Canberra. Andrew served on the Asia Pacific Screen Awards Jury in 2009 and 2010 as a MPA APSA Academy Film Fund Panelist.

Last year the NETPAC Award winner for 5th IFFA 2015 was Risk of Acid Rain, directed by Behtash Sanaeeha.

Risk of Acid Rain is a minimal poetic story that addresses the ongoing human perplexities of love, death and sexuality.  The film is also anchored by a strong lead performance from famous poet Shams e Lageroodi.