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Nassim Khadem - Sydney Morning Herald – Iranian regime's censorship of films is easing, says director Hamid Nematollah

Thirty-eight years on from the Iranian Revolution, a new breed of Iranian filmmakers are making their mark on the global cinematic landscape by subtly but constantly challenging the country's strict censorship laws.

Iranian director Hamid Nematollah, who has navigated this tricky terrain for more than 30 years, is among them.

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Putting on the Iranian film festival is a labour of love - The Australian (Justin Burke)

“Film festivals are a bit like share houses,” says Anne Demy-Geroe, co-founder of the Iranian Film Festival Australia.

In fact, when The Australian first spoke to Demy-Geroe in February to document a year in the life of the IFFA, the festival and her house were for all intents and purposes the same thing.

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