Iron Island (Jazire ahani) - 2005

In the colourful and whimsical enclosed world of a rusty oil tanker moored in the Persian Gulf, several hundred families live, love and work under the iron rod but apparently benevolent eye of Captain Nemat (a nod to Captain Nemo and the inherent orientalist associations).

Amidst the myriad of offbeat characters who call the ship home are Baby Fish, lovingly liberating the fish that get trapped in the hull, and Ahmad, the Captain's young assistant, in love with a nejab covered woman promised to someone else.

Captain Nemat is full of idiosyncratic schemes to keep the ship afloat. But the hermetic seal on this sinking city finally breaks and whimsy sinks rapidly in this powerful allegory.

Dramatically engrossing and visually enthralling. - Chicago Tribune

Director: Mohammad Rasoulof

Writer/Producer:  Mohammad Rasoulof

Cast: Ali Nasirian, Hossein Farzi-Zadeh, Neda Pakdaman

Duration: 90 minutes

Print Source: Sheherazad Media International

Language: Farsi with English subtitles

Print: 35mm