Moving Up (Kami Balatar) - 2011

Director, Loghman  Khaledi, returns to his hometown in this pair of documentaries to tell the stories of two outsiders, people who want to be artists, seemingly impossible in the provincial town of Kermanshah. Shahriyar (Moving Up) is both a garbage collector and an unpublished novelist who also finds it impossible to conform to society’s expectations; rather, he aspires to be Jack London or Dostoevsky. Khaledi builds sympathetic portraits of both his protagonists and their family members. Shahriyar, a garbage collector, has a passion for literature and poetry. He writes imaginative stories to escape from his dull, prosaic life in Kermanshah, a city in Iran’s Kurdistan region. But his wife, his family, his neighborhood and all the people around him constantly conspire to hold him back from Moving Up.

Director: Loghman Khaledi

Producer: Katayoon Shahabi 

Writer: Loghman Khaledi

Screening time: 58 minutes

Print Source: SMI 

Year: 2011

Language: English with Farsi subtitles