Red Carpet (Farshe Ghermez) - 2013

Struggling to make it in Iran, actor and director Reza Attaran travels to Cannes in hopes of making it big. He’s looking to pass on some ideas to festival director Steven Spielberg, as well as rub shoulders with such American greats as Woody Allen. He soon realizes how distancing and difficult being a “nobody” can be at a major festival and has to become more inventive to get himself onto the coveted red carpet. A fish-out-of-water story that’s sure to get a few laughs, while commenting on the state of fame in today’s film industry.

Director: Reza Attaran

Producer: Ahmad Ahmadi, Maryam Shafiee

Writer: Reza Attaran

Cast: Reza Attaran, Marc Ansari, Susan Parvar, Amir Nuri, Marilou Ming Lana, Jamal Hashemi, Hosein Soleimani

Screening time: 80 minutes

Print Source: Iran Novin 

Year: 2013