Snow (Barf) - 2013

Returning from military service out of town, Omid returns to his family home to find it in shambles. His family was once affluent but has since fallen destitute. A suitor is arriving from abroad to propose to his sister, the family’s only daughter.

His mother is trying all that she can to cover up their current situation before he arrives, but the skeletons in their closet won’t stay buried. Snow is a perfectly paced family drama, and a testament to the art of the reveal. 

Director: Mehdi Rahmani

Producer: Mehdi Rahmani

Writer: Mehdi Rahmani

Cast: Roya Teimooriyan, Afshin Hashemi, Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, Anahita Afshar, Rabe’eh Madani, Mina Sadati, Shirin Yazdanbakhsh, Milad Keimaram

Screening time: 90 minutes

Print Source: Iran Novin 

Language: Farsi with English subtitles

Year: 2013