Risk of Acid Rain (Ehtemal-s Baran-e Asidi) - 2015

Manouchehr, a 60 year old retiree from the Iranian Tobacco Company, still insists on going to work while he grapples with the loneliness of retirement. When his mother passes away, Manouchehr; who is unmarried with no other family embarks on a journey to try to find his one and only old friend, Khosrow in Tehran.

Risk of Acid Rain is a minimal poetic story that addresses the ongoing human perplexities of love, death and sexuality.  The film is also anchored by a strong lead performance from famous poet Shams e Lageroodi.

Schedule for Risk of Acid Rain

Risk of Acid Rain is considered 'UNCLASSIFIED 15+'. This session is restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult. It is recommended that children under 15 do not attend this session.

Screening Time: 105 mins

Language: Farsi with English subtitles

Genre: Drama

Year: 2015

Format: Feature Colour / DCP

Print Source: Iranian Independents

Director: Behtash Sanaeeha

Producer: Rouhollah Baradari & Samira Baradari

Cast: Shams Langeroodi, Maryam Moghaddam, Pooriya Rahimi sam, Arsalan Abdollahi

Music: Henric Negi

Sound: Abdolreza Heidari & Hossein Ghoorchian

Editor: Behtash Sanai Ha

Cinematographer: Mohammad-Reza Jahanpanah

Awards, screenings, notes:

  • Behtash Sanaeeha's debut feature.
  • Winner of Best Script in the First Films Category at Fajr International Film Festival in 2015.

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