Shorts Programme - 2015

The 2015 Iranian Film Festival Shorts programme is an eclectic assemblage of short cinema at its finest. With visions of people reckoning with modern-day morality, sentiment and judgement as in Surprise (Masoud Hatami), Cheesecake with Jam (Maryam Bahrololumi), and Judgement Day (Karim Amini), or merely trying to find beauty in the fantastical nature of the everyday as in the animated short Cloudy Goats by Hamid Karimian, the selection has something for everyone. Small yet grand in their emotions and ideas, ranging from comic to tragic to beautiful, sometimes over the course of a film, these shorts encapsulate the vibrancy of Iranian cinema. 

Let Our Men Dance

The women of a village go about designing and making ritual dancing garments for the men.

Director: Hiwa Aminnejad

Duration: 5 minutes

Screens with What's the Time in Your World? in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Cloudy Goats

A goat dreams away the scary surrounds of his home forest at the playing of beautiful music from a human. The goat’s dreams take flight into the sky and transform the everyday reality of the natural world.

Director: Hamid Karimian

Duration: 5 minutes

Screens with I am Diego Maradona in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.


A young man's attempt to surprise a woman he likes with gifts is squashed by other suitors.

Director: Masoud Hatami

Duration: 7 minutes

Screens with Crazy Castle in Brisbane & Melbourne.


A couple have grown so far apart that one doesn't notice a tragedy in this reflection of modern society.

Director:  Masoud Hatami

Duration: 13 minutes

Screens with Death of the Fish in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Judgement Day

A dazed and confused woman is subject to looks and scorn from her fellow people when she is seen in public without a hijab.

Director: Karim Mohammad Amini

Duration: 7 minutes

Screens with Risk of Acid Rain in Brisbane & Melbourne.

Cheesecake with Jam

A woman's tarot card reading brings forth harsh truths for her and her reader.

Director: Maryam Bahr

Duration:  7 mins

Screens with Time to Love in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.


This local filmmaker explores a man  avoiding a relationship as his health deteriorates.

Director: Baha Jamali

Duration: 10 mins

The filmmaker will be in attendance to the session in Sydney as our guest.

Screens with Melbourne in Sydney.