Framing A Dynasty

An exploration of the bias cinematic language employed by two expansionist rivals, the British Empire and the Soviet Union, identifies and discusses the available celluloid-based documentation of this dynamic period of current day Iran's not so distant past.

Framing A Dynasty is a lecture presentation of archival footage compiled and presented by Dr Alex Fischer, of the Faculty of Cinematic Arts, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Made possible through the generous support of the Soudavar Memorial Foundation, this exhaustive examination of the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive at Krasnogorsk and the British Pathe film archive provides an up-to-date account of those films that were either shot in Persia or feature members of the Qajar Royal family abroad from 1895 - 1926.

A bloodied man performs a religious ceremony in an bustling outdoor market, skilled hands weave to create an intricate pattern on a yet to be completed carpet and Ahmad Shah Qajar inspects the Royal Fleet with the Duke of York; these are but some of the images uncovered in an in-depth examination of Persia and its people through the lens of early motion picture cameras at the start of the 1900s.