Life and a Day (Abad va yek rooz)

Screening Time: 115 mins

Language: Farsi with English subtitles

Genre: Drama

Year: 2016

Format: Feature Colour / DCP

Print Source: DreamLab Films

Director: Saeed Roostaee  

Producer: Saeed Malekan

Cast: Payman Maadi, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Shirin Yazdanbakhsh, Parinaz Izadyar

Scriptwriter: Saeed Roostaee  

Director of Photography: Ali Ghazi

Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult

Life and a Day awarded the IFFA NETPAC Award for 2016

Somayeh is at a loss. Her only desire is to leave her family and take her destiny in hand, yet the love of her sick mother holds her back. Her elder brother, introduces her to an Afghan who wants to marry her and take her to Afghanistan. Despite herself, but moved by her brother’s concern, she accepts the offer, seeing it as primarily a means of escaping her family. And then, at the very last minute, she discovers the hidden face of the marriage proposal.