Yellow (Zard) – 2017

When Hamed falls into a coma, requiring an organ transplant, his close friends reveal their true selves.

Shahab, Nahal, Hamed, Faramarz, and Nicki have patented an invention and are trying to immigrate to Europe. Three days before their departure, Hamed falls into a coma and requires an organ transplant. The crisis elicits very different ethical responses from each of the others, revealing their true selves.

D/S Moastafa Taghizad'h P Kamran Majidi C Bahram Radan, Sareh Bayat, Mehrdad Sedighian, Bahareh Kianafshar WS Iran ArtHouse Film L Farsi w/English Subtitles TD DCP/2017 DUR 93 mins

Unclassified 15+
Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian